Advanced Composites are a specialist supplier of ground protection and reinforcement systems supplying many of the countries largest companies and organisations. We supply a range of high quality products to suit a range of applications at competitive prices and with next day delivery.

We also offer storage of products at our specialist facilities. If you believe we could help keep your products safe and secure in a quick access, central UK location please get in touch.

Our range of products include:

  • AdComp PGM-G Range: AdComp PGM-G is a high strength glass filament reinforced geocomposite. AdComp PGM-G is ideally suited to the economic maintenance of any cracked road surface with a stable substructure.
  • AdComp TS Range: AdComp TS 1000 protective geosynthetics are sustainable solutions to extend the life of road and railway structures.
  • AdComp GX Range: AdComp GX 30/30 is a soil-strengthening material in a grid structure that spreads the forces on the subsoil and also increases the bearing capacity.

At Advanced Composites we are committed to offering the best value possible. We have an excellent reputation for providing a prompt response combined with a speedy delivery from our extensive stocks. Use us as a single source for all your ground protection or reinforcement projects.